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Lender Perspective

1. Origination

It’s what you do best.

You have designed a successful lending criteria and need all of the energy, resources, and capital available to continue driving your model. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to keep doing what you do best.

Looking for help creating a successful lending criteria? Our advisory team is always available to aid in identifying ideal candidates.

2. Delinquency

It happens.

You have established an internal protocol to deal with missed payments and will kindly reach out and resolve the issue. Life happens, we get it. 

Customer service is everything. Our team at Debt Direct offers customer sensitivity training and recovery protocol services.

3. Default

Your efforts aren’t working.

You have set your threshold and your initial outreach efforts aren’t working. Have you set a protocol for next steps? A trusted, professional, and compliant recovery network can lead to successful collections and preserved customer relationships. 

Looking to strengthen your recovery network and/ or resources? Our advisory team works as an extension of your own to design a successful recovery strategy as early as 30 days past due.

4. Charge-Off

Time to move on?

You have taken all the necessary recovery steps and your energy is better spent moving forward. Nobody likes throwing money away. Together with our partners, we have designed an integrated solution to complete the credit cycle and give you more capital to keep doing what you do best.

The credit cycle doesn’t need to end here. Why throw the money away when there is a seamless solution to appraise, identify, and capitalize on what once had no value?

5. Debt Direct

Complete the credit cycle.

Together with our partners, our fully integrated partnership allows for you to “opt-in” and pursue value in your charged-off accounts. Allow our compliant, professional, and trusted team to purchase your unwanted debt and infuse further capital back into your lending model, completing the credit cycle.

Complete the credit cycle. Our trusted team will help you appraise and capitalize on your charged-off accounts. Don’t throw money away.