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A Preferred Partner


Debt Direct is a preferred Infinity partner.

Together with Infinity, Debt Direct has worked to identify a gap in the credit cycle and has designed an integrated partnership to complete it. The Debt Direct and Infinity partnership bring tremendous value and further revenue with the compliance, trust, and professionalism we all strive for.

Secure Your Debt with Debt Direct

No Resale of Your Portfolio Means Your Accounts are Safe

Debt Direct ensures that your entire portfolio is within an arm’s length away and is never resold to any other debt buyer.  This failsafe helps keep your accounts secure and protects your brand mitigating any concerns about the whereabouts of your accounts.  Our objective is to ensure the safety of your brand while helping you Complete the Credit Cycle.  Partner with the brand that values your brand.

Do The Math

Making More Dollars Makes More Sense

Do what you do best and let us do what we do best and monetize your debt sooner to maximize your dollars.  It’s a common misconception that keeping recovery internal or even with a third party is the way to maximize your portfolio.  However, that’s not the case if you do the math.  This will, of course, vary from business to business but the concept and math are pretty straightforward. 

Internal Recovery

(Work With Internal Collections Department or 3rd Party Agency)

Portfolio Face Value – $1,000,000.00
Liquidation Performance – 10%
Performance Period – 12 months
Cost – 50% of total performance
Total Return on Investment Over 12 Months - $50,000
Over 3X Higher Return
100% Less Headache
Debt Direct

(Sell Your Debt to Debt Direct)

Portfolio Face Value – $1,000,000.00
Sale Price – 3%*
Revenue from Sale – $30,000
Performance Period – 1 Day
Reinvested in New Loans – $30,000
Return on New Investment – $45,000**
Reinvestment Period – 3 Months
Compounded Return over 12 Months - $151,875***

*Actual sale price varies based on multiple variables and assumes that the portfolio is freshly charged off.
**Return is based on 1.5x multiplier, results vary from lender to lender.
***Compounded return is based on reinvesting total amount of return for each 3 month investment period at the 1.5x multiplier. Results vary from lender to lender.

A Significantly Higher Return With Debt Direct

Ultimately, it’s easy to conclude that if you focus on your strength and maximize on opportunities, the math reflects a larger return on your investment of time, energy and resources.

Insert your own metrics to compare actual figures as results will vary from lender to lender. 

Values We All Believe In


Debt portfolio management is a highly regulated and complex industry. Our compliance team constantly strives to build a model within the ever-evolving regulatory and legal guidelines. Compliance is our key to success.


Debt Direct is tremendously experienced on both sides of the credit equation. From origination to successful recovery, our team at Debt Direct has a combined 50+ years of experience.


Debt Direct aims to change the perception of the credit cycle and the debt management industry. We are an indispensable team that strives to serve as an extension of your own. Your relationships are our priority.

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