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Consumer Perspective

1. Origination

We could all use a little extra cash!

You have worked hard to keep yourself creditworthy and leveraged that discipline for a product, service, line of credit, loan or capital injection.

(Your Account Is With The Lender)

2. Delinquency

You missed a payment… We have all been there!

No need to stress, your lender will reach out with a friendly reminder and offer a solution to get you back on track.

(Your Account Is With The Lender)

3. Default

Time is running out!

Your lender has given you a strict time limit and their initial payment reminders aren’t working! Your payment is past due and they are not happy.

(Your Account Is With The Lender Or Within Their Recovery Network)

4. Charge-Off

Received a phone call? Confused?

Your account has likely been placed with either their internal or external recovery network. Action should be taken as your credit score may be at risk.

(Your Account Is With The Lender Or Within Their Recovery Network)

5. Debt Direct

We understand, life happens and credit recovery can be complicated.

Debt Direct is a trusted and preferred partner built to successfully align lenders and their customers.
Our compliant, trusted and professional recovery network will work with you to rehabilitate your loanget your finances back on track and redeem your credit status

(Your Account Has Been Transferred To Debt Direct As a Preferred Partner And Placed Within Our Trusted And Professional Recovery Network)